About The Competition



The Dream Composition (心情溶剂:梦想新创作) Regional Songwriting Competition, previously known as 心情溶剂 (XQRJ or XQ: ReChords), was created by a group of passionate and like-minded individuals from NUS King Edward VII Hall (KEVII) in 1998 to provide a channel for students in Singapore and Malaysia to showcase their songwriting talents. In an environment that lacks sufficient channels for songwriting, many students from various music schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions in the region have seized the opportunity to submit and perform their original compositions.

With the aim of organising a professional songwriting competition, XQ: ReChords has established long-term working partnership with well-known publishing house, The Touch Music and music company, Ocean Butterflies Music. Every year, Ocean Butterflies Music supports our competition by providing us with professional and renowned judges who play an important role in the selection of entries during the Preliminary Round and the selection of the final winners during the Grand Final.

For the past 19 years, XQ: ReChords have succeeded in providing a platform for many talented youths to tell their stories through performing their original compositions. We are proud to be the first and only songwriting competition organised by NUS and one of the largest-scaled Chinese song writing competition in Singapore. XQ: ReChords would not have come so far without the generous help of our collaborating sponsors, partners and supporters.

Moving on, as we approach our 20th year milestone this year, the 20th organising committee shall carry on the legacy and bring the competition towards greater heights. We will open this new and exciting chapter by renaming XQ: ReChords (心情溶剂) as The Dream Composition (心情溶剂:梦想新创作) and introducing a new structure for the competition.

The Dream Composition (心情溶剂:梦想新创作) shall continue to build on the foundations and resounding success of XQ: ReChords and aim to expand its reach to more talents and a wider pool of audience in the region. To aspiring songwriters, this is an opportunity to be seized. Showcase your dream composition and tell your story now! Go out of your comfort zone and be part of the next generation of composers!


Details of Competition

There will be 2 categories in the competition.

Category A will be the English compositions (melody and lyrics), Category B will be the Chinese compositions (melody and lyrics)

Each contestant can submit an unlimited number of songs for each category:

For Category A and Category B, only 1 song per representative for each category will qualify for the Grand Final

The competition will take place throughout different stages which include the Preliminary Round, Outreach Performance and the Grand Finals. Professional judges from Ocean Butterflies Music (海蝶音乐) will shortlist entries during the Preliminary Round. Shortlisted contestants shall progress towards the Grand Final. Grand Final finalists are required to attend a music workshop and other Grand Final related activities as stated in the timeline.


Stage 1: The Preliminary Round  (4 November 2017)

An internal preliminary round of selection will be held in National University of Singapore, King Edward VII Hall. 5 entries per category will be selected by professional judges and the results of the Preliminary Round will be released on competition’s Facebook page. Contestants do not have to attend this Preliminary Round.

Stage 2: Music Workshop, Photoshoot, Recording and Performance  (End November to Early December)

All Grand Final finalists will have to attend a scheduled music workshop with Ocean Butterflies Music. This workshop serves as a consultation for the song compositions. Thereafter, finalists will go through a recording session and photoshoot session. This stage will prepare our finalists adequately for the outreach roadshow performance in December. There will also be a Live House performance. More details regarding the Live House performance will be released at a later date.

Stage 3: Outreach Performance  (16 December 2017)

This outreach performance event will be COMPULSORY for all grand final finalists. Venue and details of the performance will be announced at a later date. It is advisable that all contestants take note and keep this date free, to be eligible for the ‘Most Popular Outreach Performance’ Award.  The main aim of the event is to provide a performance opportunity for finalists to showcase their talents, increase public exposure, publicity and recognition.

Stage 4: Grand Final  (17 January 2018)

The Grand Final will be held at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. Finalists are free to use any type of musical instruments during the Grand Final. The Competition Organiser will only provide a keyboard, a digital piano, a drum set, a bass guitar and an acoustic guitar during the Grand Final. All finalists are expected to perform live with a minimum of two (2) and maximum of eight (8) performers on stage. Judges shall hold the final decision for the competition results. Awards will be presented during the Grand Final.


Eligibility of Contestant

1. The competition is open to all citizens, permanent residents and foreign students, aged 15 to 25, residing in Singapore or Malaysia.

2. Song entry(s) can be either an individual or group composition. Contestants can have more than one (1) composer or lyricist. However, contestants can only nominate one Principal Composer and one Principal Lyricist for the competition.

3. For each entry, the team should send one representative to register for the competition. The representative should be either the composer or the lyricist of the entry, or both.

4. All song entries submitted must not be officially published by or bound in contract with any recording company. It must also not be a winning entry from any other competition(s). Past champions of XQRJ/XQ:ReChords are ineligible to participate again. The composer and lyricist must not be under any contract of recording company(s).

5. The song entry must not be publicised or released before the Grand Final of the competition without permission from the Competition Organiser.


Requirements for Song Entry

1. Song entry(s) can be of any music genre; however it must not contain any expletives, political agenda or propagate any religious or racial discords.

2. Each contestant can submit an unlimited number of songs for each category.

3. Each song entry must not exceed four (4) minutes and thirty (30) seconds.

4. For Category A songs, at least 80% of the lyrics have to be in English. Similarly, for Category B songs, at least 80% of the lyrics have to be in Chinese. Judges will have the final say if a song meets the requirement.

5. To register for the competition, all contestants have to complete the steps presented in the order.

Step 1:         Create a Google Account if you do not already have one

Step 2:         Email the Competition Organiser, containing the following details:

Full Name, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Home Address, Educational Institution/Music School, Contact Number and Gmail Address. Also, please kindly attach a recent passport sized photo in the email.

Indicate the subject of the email as “TDC Registration” and email the application to “thedreamcompositionsubmission@gmail.com”.

6. Upon receiving the registration email from the contestant, the Competition Organiser will reply with an acknowledgement email within 7 working days. Contestant will be able to gain access to their individual submission folder once they receive this acknowledgement email. The contestant shall submit the song(s) and lyrics by uploading the files into the submission folder.

7. Upload the demo for each song entry as a WAV file named in this format:

Name of representative_Song Title in Han Yu Pin Yin OR

Name of representative_Song Title in English

The demo must have at least one (1) musical instrument as song accompaniment, or recorded acappella style. Please ensure that all songs submissions are of an acceptable quality. In the event that the recordings are of low quality due to noise interference, the organiser reserves the rights to reject the submission.

8.Upload lyrics for each song entry in a Microsoft Word Document named in this format:

Name of representative_Song Title in Han Yu Pin Yin OR

Name of representative_Song Title in English

Within the lyrics document, if it is a Chinese song, please include the Song Title using Chinese characters and not Han Yu Pin Yin, names, email addresses and contact numbers of the main composer and main lyricist for contact purposes.

In the lyrics document, please include the Song Title, names, email addresses and contact numbers of the main composer and main lyricist for contact purposes.

If there is only 1 producer, please indicate that both the lyricist and composer are the same person.

9. The deadline for submission will be 20 October 2017, 12pm. Late and incomplete song entries will not be accepted.

Incomplete registration or submissions that do not fulfil the above requirements will not be accepted.


Grading of Songs

Results will be computed based on 90 % Grand Finals and 10 % Voting.

Overall results will not take into account Preliminary Round scoring.

 Preliminary Round 100%

Originality 30 %
Lyrics 35 %
Melody 35 %


              Grand Final (90 %)                                                                  +                                                  Voting (10 %)                   = 100 %

Originality 15 %
Lyrics 15 %
Melody 15 % Online Voting on Facebook

(Voting through ‘LIKES’ on both TDC’s Facebook Page and Contestant’s video Post)

  10 %
Song Arrangement 20 %
Delivery & Performance 25 %

Opportunities for finalists

Besides providing a platform to showcase your talents, we hope to value add your experience. Some of the opportunities include photoshoot for finalists, professional recording of demo, professional consultation on your song and for stage performance, charity performances and even personal publicity opportunities.


Category A (English) Champion & Category B (Chinese) Champion Cash S$1000 + Trophy + Certificate + Special Music Hamper
1st & 2nd Runner Ups for Categories A & B Plaque + Certificate + Music Hamper
Most Popular Outreach Performance                Plaque + Certificate
Most Popular Live Performance (Voted by Grand Final Audiences)      Plaque + Certificate