Kindly complete the following steps to complete your participation. All the best!

Step 1:

Email the Competition Organiser, containing the following details: Full Name, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Home Address, Educational Institution/Music School, Contact Number and Gmail Address. Also, please kindly attach a recent passport sized photo in the email.

Indicate the subject of the email as “TDC Registration” and email the application to “”.


Step 2:

Upon receiving the registration email from the contestant, the Competition Organizer will reply with an acknowledgement email within 7 working days. Contestant will be able to gain access to their individual submission folder once they receive this acknowledgement email.


Step 3:

Upload a .zip file containing your songs (mp3), lyrics (pdf or .doc) and your id photo. Within the ZIP file, please categorise the songs in folders named Category A (English Composition) and Category B (Chinese Composition)

The ZIP File should have a maximum size of 100MB

Please name your ZIP file with the name of the main composer and/or lyricist